Amelia Bedingfield is a character from the Surgeon stories. She is a member of a group of students fighting against the Great Intelligence in The Yeti Factor and is the right hand girl of Abigail Huntsman something of which she continues to do in The Mammal Wars.


She is a nineteen year old British student with fair skin and both brown hair and brown eyes who also is depicted as a shell of Abigail in terms of clothing: While Abigail wears black knee length leather boots, Amelia wears Chelsea boots like Ghazal but in brown.

Her clothing further consists of a white top, blue jeggings and a black belt. Her type of boots are also worn by various male members of the resistance, except those who wear military fatigue.


Owing to her being Abigail's right hand girl, Amelia is just as disciplined as her superior and expects very high levels of discipline from the other students; however despite this, she is shown to have a particularly contemptous attitude towards Ghazal Rashidi, probably because Abigail had told her about the fight between her and two other students in Felicity and Hester.

Despite this feeling of contempt for Ghazal however, Amelia is more than willing to be with Abigail and explain the whole situation to the Surgeon and his companion.


The Surgeon stories:

The Yeti Factor:

When Abigail Huntsman and her group take the Surgeon and Ghazal into the Kirk of the Canongate's chapel, she shouts Amelia's name but there is no response at first. It's not until the journey further down into the chapel where Amelia is revealed with four other girls who are the other students presumably.

But these girls are not the only people in the room as Amelia is surrounded by other girls and women who are largely on her own and also in the room are men who are split into two categories: Those who wear military fatigue and those who wear tight clothing and leathers. Once in the room, Amelia is introduced to the Surgeon and Ghazal, the latter of whom she treats at first with a certain degree of contempt.

Like her own leader, Amelia introduces her own group of girls who stayed behind at the Kirk of the Canongate: Kierra Hastings, Lara Derbyshire, Victoria Entwhisle and Erika Armstrong. She later joins her side with Abigail as the girls order their groups to merge before dismissing them and the preciseness of the girls following their orders impresses the Surgeon and Ghazal massively.

Once the girls are dismissed, Amelia joins Abigail's side when she tells the Surgeon and Ghazal that everything is going to be revealed. The girls leave their group to the resistance and their allies and take the Surgeon and Ghazal back to where they started: Greyfriar's Kirkyard.

In the chapel, Amelia and Abigail reveal everything: The year is 2257 and it is a century since the Daleks invaded Earth and ultimately suffered their defeat at the hands of the First Doctor during the events of The Dalek Invasion of Earth. However, Earth has come under attack again from another hostile alien race which is the Great Intelligence.

While it is mentioned that the Intelligence has conquered the Earth and used the Yeti to destroy all humans left on Earth, only the Surgeon knows about it likely either because of previous adventures or thanks to the Second and Eleventh Doctors. Continuing on from the story, the girls do not mention the Intelligence because two of the students have got close to it and since coming into contact with it, one of the girls has been captured and is trapped in the Outlook Tower.

The Surgeon and Ghazal further get answers about why most of the Yeti attack humanity but other Yeti attack other Yetis: During their fight against the Intelligence, the resistance has captured several Yetis from the Intelligence and has impregnated them with "The Human Factor" which causes them to attack other Yetis. Abigail further adds that the second student to come into contact with the Intelligence now serves the alien because she has been impregnated with "The Yeti Factor" which is the impulse to obey the Intelligence.

Amelia shares a huge amount of delight when the Surgeon explains that he will help the resistance take back what the Intelligence stole: Earth. He then seems to take control of the girls by having Abigail and Amelia take him and Ghazal back to the Kirk of the Canongate where she and Abigail rally the students. The Surgeon declares that he will help the resistance take back Earth and the instant he moves Ghazal in with the resistance, he takes control again.

Once Abigail has chosen Hester Cartridge to join the Surgeon's side, Amelia is also asked to choose another student and this time, Bedingfield is less indecisive than she was before and chooses Kierra Hastings to join the Surgeon instantly. With these girls chosen, the Surgeon tells the leaders to carry on.

Along with the rest of the resistance, Amelia appears at the Kirk of the Canongate with the rest of the resistance and is told that the resistance can come up to the Camera Obscura which causes Abigail to rally the resistance alongside the other Yetis in their captivity to come up to the building.

Inside the Camera Obscura, battle commences and on the roof it is Amelia who alerts Abigail of Eleanor's presence in the Outlook Tower which results in the Surgeon turning the tables on the students: He hands Eleanor over to the girls, takes Ghazal back for himself and both the Surgeon and Ghazal flee from the Camera Obscura and don't stop running until they get to a deserted section of Edinburgh.

The Mammal Wars:

Return to Buckinghamshire:

Just as Abigail returns as the leader of the Sisterhood of Resistance, or Britain's Angels as it's later known, in The Mammal Wars, Amelia returns as her right hand woman where this time the organization is changed to being described as a gang of twelve British young women instead of students like they were in The Yeti Factor.

Their ambition: Integration into the Vixen criminal organization or rather, its British branch and a chance to experience what real crime is like. Amelia and her allies are also moved to Buckinghamshire New University which had been abandoned since a month before the events of Return to Buckinghamshire and it is here where Amelia stands next to Abigail's side as she always does.

She first stands by Abigail's side as the latter prepares to speak about the Angel's ambitions to integrate into the Vixens; however, like the others, Amelia is disturbed by the sound of roaring and a giggle but does not let this affect her unlike some of the Angels' mainly Felicity Barbrige.

This especially proves true after Abigail gives out a rousing speech on the Angels wanting to integrate into the Vixens and become Vixens themselves which goes off without a hitch. However, the second part of the speech does not go so well because of Felicity being distracted by the sound of whooping outside as well as the sound of roaring which even attracts Seslinian to High Wycombe.

In High Wycombe, the Angels as well as the whole of Buckinghamshire ignore the warning to stay at home and instead come out in the open to see "Superfox" as their children call him. But it's also here where the Angels and most of Buckinghamshire see more of the whooping animal; they see that it has a sloping spine which makes it out to be some kind of hyena, but that's it.

After Felicity Barbrige names the whooping source "Jomnune", Amelia demands an explanation to which Felicity replies that she doesn't know the Hyena's name and is actually basing its name on the sounds it makes. As Jomnune is revealed to the public, the Angels are forced to watch another animal appear: The Shadow Cat as Clementine Galbraith calls it but what Felicity Barbrige calls Vlaasarak.

Once the fight goes to Sheephouse Wood, Amelia remains by Abigail's side as she declares that the Angels will expand even with the threat of The Mammal Wars.

Outback Vixen:

Along with the rest of the Angels, Amelia is forced undercover by a combination of Jomnune and the British government who have activated Operation Temperer which has deployed 2,550 armed police officials on the streets all over the United Kingdom, forcing not only the Angels undercover but the organization which they wish to integrate themselves into: The British Vixens.

Despite this though, the Angels are still determined not to let this stop their expansion and during a speech made by her leader, Amelia takes her place by Abigail's side and cheers as Abigail makes the declaration of:

"I promised that the Angels would get an expansion, and Abigail has always kept her promises. Jomnune may have forced police onto the streets but he hasn't taken away our freedom and if we are to get into the Vixens then we have to be brave. This time, neither soldier nor hyena will prevent us from expanding! And that is not a promise but it is something that will happen!"

The Siege of Sheephouse Wood:

At the beginning of The Siege of Sheephouse Wood, Amelia remains by Abigail's side along with the rest of the Angels in the Buckinghamshire New University gym facing a projection of the face of Claribel Bloodworth. Here, she goes from being a second in command of the Angels to actually being a member of the Angels when she stands in a line with the rest of the Angels.

Once Abigail has unmasked Laura, Claribel turns her attention to Amelia who unmasks their second prisoner Heather Butler.