General Anders Hammarberg is a character from the Cold War II series. He is the leader of the Swedish faction of the Scandinavian Alliance and together with Aarrestad of Norway and Elomaa of Finland is one of the three most powerful individuals in the organization.

In addition, Hammarberg is one of the three main antagonists in The Recruits alongside Sverre Aarrestad and Hannu Elomaa.


In his first appearance in Agent to Prisoner, Hammerberg is described as such:

"Just by looking at him he was clearly a man of authority. 33 years old with fair skin, brown hair and blue eyes which were both hidden in the shadows.

But what was shown about Hammarberg is that he wore black trousers, black office shoes as if he came back from a ball and was not a leader of one of the organizations who wanted the E.I.N destroyed with gold epaulettes on his shoulders.

Here was shown to be a man who had led a revolution which overthrew a king and now looked like a king himself."


Because Hammarberg appears at the end of Agent to Prisoner which is his first appearance in literate his personality is not quite so developed as perhaps one of his men Gustav Hallstrom.

However, there is enough detail to describe his personality as a person; For one, he is described as a man who led a revolution which overthrew a king and now looked like a king himself which is a reference to the Swedish coup of 2082 that he led which overthrew the King of Sweden.

The Cold War II series

Agent to Prisoner

Alongside one of his enemies Helga Blankenburg, Hammarberg only appears at the end of this story where he is shown a video that he watches with the other leaders of the Alliance, the video in question showing the humiliations of Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons. Once he has seen the video, he has a far more delightful reaction to it rather than Graham Johnson would when he is shown the video.

In fact, Hammarberg congratulates Elomaa and Aarrestad for organizing the capture while the former congratulates Hammarberg for choosing a double agent who was actually Danish (in the Cold War II series and The Recruits, Denmark and the countries ruled by the Alliance are enemies.)