The animal that is used for the series' primary antagonist Jomnune; the Spotted Hyena.

The Animals depicted in The Mammal Wars are a series of wild animal kaiju that feature in the spin off to Defenders of Earth, The Mammal Wars.

Alongside the other monsters in Defenders of Earth and the Dinosaurs, the animals depicted in The Mammal Wars are also trans wiki articles as they also appear on the original untermation wiki.


These types of animals were originally written for the series Defenders of Earth as foes for the dragon Firroth in order to fight alongside his more reptilian foes such as Inhusrelun and other hostile dragons, Zhakuh and the Hydras, Crimgauros and the Mutant reptiles and even hostile dinosaurs such as the Kentrodonsaurus.

However, the idea of a dragon fighting a mammal seemed like animal cruelty so the wiki founder decided to keep Firroth fighting reptilian foes and make a spin off series with a similar concept but using other animals. Despite this however, there are at least three enemies of Firroth who are not reptiles: His mechanical doppelganger Invincible, the space dragon Zulodam and the Elephasaurus.

Zigra Talking

Zigra Talking

A sample of Zigra speaking (from Gamera vs Zigra, 1971), the last Gamera film in the Showa series.

Alongside their reptile counterparts, the Animals depicted in The Mammal Wars are double their original statistics and unusually for kaiju, the Animals are also the first and only type of kaiju within the Multiverse timeline on this wiki to talk.

At first, only Seslinian and Mallauxula talk telepathically, then as time goes by, this telepathic ability extends through Part 2, then finally the Animals actually talk by moving their mouths from The Chase is On all the way through to the series finale of Survival with the main exception being The PHANTOM Invasion, something they share with the Hellfire Legion of Lady of Destiny.

This is because from The Chase is On to Survival is the period that the series becomes less focused on the humans and more focused on the Animals which is very unusual for kaiju because most kaiju (apart from Zigra as well as Godzilla and Anguirus in Godzilla vs Gigan though only through speech bubbles) do not talk. However, despite the fact these animals still do not engage Firroth in combat, PHANTOM are still accompanied by animals as they genetically alter the cats and dogs that serve with it.


Sheephouse Wood 6

Sheephouse Wood, the birthplace of the fox now known as Seslinian.

In The Mammal Wars, the first of a series of animal inspired kaiju is made in the story Seslinian the Invincible by Irish scientist and criminal Forbflaith Hennessy who is imprisoned alongside Polish scientist Katja Naganowska for her experiments which have been dubbed illegal and animal cruelty.

At first, Forbflaith is imprisoned at HMP Bronzefield in Surrey but is later moved to the Blackstorm Institute in Oxfordshire. She escapes from prison and flees to neighboring Buckinghamshire where she enlists the help of the Women of the Night to continue with her experiments; the first of which is a red fox known as Seslinian who later breaks out of his home and first terrorizes Sheephouse Wood and later the whole of Charndorn.

However, Seslinian is the only kaiju to be a genetically altered animal because other characters such as his mate have unknown origins. These characters are also far more subjective because the dragons from Defenders of Earth are either heroic or evil and the Hydras are always evil alongside the mutant reptiles and the dinosaurs. But for the animals in The Mammal Wars, they are either heroic such as Seslinian, Kaulos and Flamiglaux and villainous such as Jomnune, Kouleton and Keeceleon; but there are also characters such as Bastamander (to an extent) and the Ceapseohawk that are neutral.


The animals from The Mammal Wars are unique for one reason in regards to other animal characters made by the wiki founder; Other animal characters made by the wiki founder have human sounding names but the animals in The Mammal Wars have far more fantasy sounding names and this is also a trend that is used for the Dragons, Hydras and Reptiles in Defenders of Earth as well as every single alien species in the World War X series such as the Kreehn, the Gystag and the Vraecalsa.

Animals in the series

Name Description First appearance Last appearance
Seslinian Red Fox. Also known as "Seslinian the Invincible." but his media nickname is "Super-fox"

The series' animal protagonist and mate to Mallauxula who he saved from Jomnune in Outback Vixen alongside Kaulos.

Seslinian the Invincible Survival
Blykrinin Leopard. Occasional ally of Vlaasarak and Kaulos. Alongside Vlouksarak who serves as his lieutenant, Blykrinin is the leader of a battalion known as the Flaming Battalion consisting of both big cats such as leopards and tigers and wild cats such as Servals. Call of the Cats Eagle Eye
Jomnune Spotted Hyena and the series' animal antagonist.

Once held Seslinian's future mate Mallauxula prisoner until Seslinian saved her with the aid of Kaulos.

Return to Buckinghamshire Survival
Kouleton Wolf. Enemy of Flamiglaux and the first enemy of Seslinian. Unlike other enemies of Seslinian, Kouleton only has two appearances. Wolves Attack The PHANTOM Invasion
Flamiglaux Coyote. Ally of Seslinian and enemy of Kouleton, despite the fact he was formerly an enemy of the former like Zebiccoon.

Like Kouleton, Flamiglaux does not have a mate in his first appearance but when he returns, the coyote is accompanied by a female coyote who is known as Mikybara.

The Siege of Sheephouse Wood
Veodiphin Indochinese Tiger. Ally of Blasteovark and enemy of Kaulos and his allies.

Veodiphin is also the leader of his own big cat battalion known as the Supreme Battalion that is rivals to Blykrinin.

Call of the Cats Eagle Eye
Keeceleon Tasmanian Devil originally Spotted Hyena.

Ally of Jomnune and it is said that wherever Keeceleon is, Jomnune won't be far behind.

Keeceleon is also the only small carnivore in the series.

Outback Vixen Survival
Feenerpillar Wolf. Ally of Seslinian and Flamiglaux alongside Grakupine.

Also a close ally of Cauxecta and is rarely seen without her.

The Chase is On
Zebiccoon Bat. Unlike the Ceapseohawk who is a neutral character and is often used as a signal for the presence of Blasteovark, Zebiccoon is actually an ally to Seslinian.

He is also the only ally of the fox who can fly and is about half the size of a Gyaos.

Seslinian vs. Zebiccoon Survival
Clulphion Striped Hyena. Clulphion is just as big a rival of Jomnune as Seslinian is.

Like Blykrinin and Veodiphin, Clulphion is the leader of a striped hyena clan that consists of eight hyenas that helped Anafsilea through Africa.

Hyenas and Tigers
Vlouksarak Black panther. Serves as Blykrinin's lieutenant and while he has a convincing alliance with Seslinian and Vlaasarak, he has a reluctant alliance with Kaulos. Call of the Cats Eagle Eye
Bastamander Komodo Dragon. One of a few neutral characters in the series alongside the Ceapseohawk.

Bastamander however returns as Seslinian's last ally in Survival and helps him defeat Jomnune.

The Lizard King Survival
Mikybara Coyote and mate to Flamiglaux. Before meeting Seslinian, she was also an ally of Anafsilea and helped the tigress escape from Steavooksea. Haunted By Hyenas
Cauxecta Russian Brown Bear. First encountered by Anafsilea in Russia when she escapes from Veodiphin.

She is also an ally of Feenerpillar.

The Chase is On
Ostesooks Black Mamba Snake. Ally of Bastamander and Seslinian's second reptilian ally.

Alongside Bastamander, he helps Seslinian defeat Jomnune.

The Lizard King Survival
Blasteovark Bengal Tiger. First faced by Seslinian in the Lake District.

Unlike Kaulos, Blasteovark is hostile to Seslinian and his presence is often shown by the presence of the Ceapseohawk.

Nicknamed "The Beast" by locals who have seen him but calls himself "The King of the Fells."

The King of the Fells Eagle Eye
Zautsuar Asian Water Monitor. Rival to Bastamander and just as Blasteovark calls hismelf "The King of the Fells", Zautsuar calls himself "The Lizard King".

Him and Bastamander have engaged in many feuds for the title of "The Lizard King"

The Lizard King
Mallauxula Red Vixen. Mate of Seslinian after he rescues her from Jomnune with the help of Kaulos.

She repays the favour by helping Seslinian drive Flamiglaux out of Sheephouse Wood.

Outback Vixen Survival
Kaulos Siberian Tiger. Ally of Seslinian and Vlaasarak.

Enemy of Blasteovark and mate of Anafsilea.

Outback Vixen Eagle Eye
Grakupine Golden Jackal. Ally of Kaulos. Unlike other allies such as Vlaasarak, Kaulos and Flamiglaux, Grakupine has a begrudging friendship with Seslinian. Danger's Glory Eagle Eye
Vlaasarak Lion. Closest ally of Seslinian and Kaulos.

Enemy of Keeceleon and will also help Seslinian fight Jomnune.

Return to Buckinghamshire Eagle Eye
Anafsilea Siberian Tigress. Mate to Kaulos and while he is an ally of Vlaasarak, Anafsilea is often an ally of Plorsena.

Like Niinqeth, Anafsilea features in her own trilogy before meeting Seslinian and when Kaulos returns for the fourth time is revealed as his mate.

The Chase is On Eagle Eye
Ceapseohawk Despite its name, the Ceapseohawk is not a hawk at all but actually appears as an eagle but much larger.

It is not shown to be a follower of Blasteovark but whenever the hawk is near, the tiger won't be far behind.

The King of the Fells Eagle Eye
Streavooksea Female Spotted Hyena.

Leads the so called Amazon clan which is allies to Jomnune.

Girls of England Survival
Plorsena Lioness. Mate of Vlaasarak and very common ally of Anafsilea. Girls of England Eagle Eye