Benjamin Simmons is a character from the Cold War II series in the very first story Agent to Prisoner. He is an applicant for the European Intelligence Network alongside his girlfriend Emma Irwin.


In his first appearance Benjamin is an 18 year old boy studying at Cambridge University with his girlfriend Emma Irwin. He has fair skin, brown hair and brown eyes, and is described as being considered an outcast as he is often humiliated and bullied by other students one notable example being Emma's former friend Poppy Wright.

He wears a black T-Shirt, a dark blue hoodie with a navy blue centre and light blue sleeves, a black leather jacket, and a green strap adjustable belt across his waist on his jacket, beige skinny jeans, and another black belt around his jeans with a blue swim cap, black socks and Asics or Reebok running trainers.

It is also known that Benjamin has had electrolysis and hair removal treatment hence why he does not have facial hair which Poppy Wright and her fellow bullies were responsible for during their time in secondary school, compared to most male characters he has a fairly soft figure as well.


Benjamin is described as an outcast as he is often humiliated and bullied by other students one notable example being Emma's former friend Poppy Wright and it is her bullying that makes him never leave his girlfriend's side. Poppy describes Benjamin as being more like Emma's pet as she takes care of him better than anyone else and their relationship is described as one where both are submissive, other male students also consider him strange as he prefers to wear tight clothing.

Alongside Emma, Benjamin is also a very weak character in contrast to perhaps other male characters in literature, be they human such as the Surgeon or animal and exist such as Bold or animal and not exist such as many characters on the original untermation wiki who are far more stronger from the word go. Fortunately, none of the villains on either wiki are weak.

The Cold War II series

Benjamin appears with his girlfriend Emma in the first Cold War II series story Agent to Prisoner. In the story he and Emma are interviewed about joining the E.I.N and no sooner does he come out is he bullied by Poppy who scoffs at the fact that someone like Benjamin could ever join an organization like the one he has applied for let alone the army. She also goes on to say that had Benjamin not hung around with Emma then he would be nowhere.

The next time he appears he and Emma are visited again this time by a member of the Scandinavian Alliance Joonas Koskelo who asks about their details and ultimately he gets the details and dispatches two Alliance members to deal with the pair, the Alliance hijack a plane and kidnap the couple bringing them to Scandinavia where they are arrested by the Alliance.

Whilst Emma is put with the Alliance's double agent Benjamin is sent with the Alliance's women who after trying to force him into a room resort to throwing him on the floor and kicking and screaming at him, one woman Marjatta Lentonen takes off his cap just so she can get to his ear and screams at him right in his ear at the top of her voice. Ultimately Benjamin complies and he is sent into the room where a Finnish woman Keskisuari pounces on him, tapes his mouth shut, tapes his hands behind his back, tapes his legs together and finally tapes him into a hogtie and spanks him. She later puts a pair of goggles on Benjamin and spanks him some more before he is left alone in the tightest hogtie he could be put in.

Later Emma and Benjamin are released from their bindings and placed in another room and whilst Emma is fastened into a leg sheath Benjamin is first muzzled and put into a sleepsack which is fastened extremely tightly. Finally the couple are released and put in sleepsacks in another room and left there.

Him and Emma are later released by Helga Blankenburg and taken to Germany where Johnson immediately throws them out of the country and out of the E.I.N in disgrace owing to the high standards of the E.I.N.