Edgar Svyatoslavovich Starikov is a character from Defenders of Earth. He is a Russian scientist, former terrorist and member of the terrorist organisation PHANTOM as the right hand man of Vojislav Strekalov.


Unlike other villains made by the wiki founder (before the World War X series and excluding the Surgeon stories who are largely organic, Edgar is the first inhuman villain to appear in the multiverse that Defenders of Earth is part of; in this instance, he appears in the same manner as Marvel villain Arnim Zola.

In this instance, he appears as a cybernetic robot with a black body, silver limbs and a CCTV camera for a head with his face appearing on his chest.


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Defenders of Earth


Along with his own boss Vojislav Strekalov and main fellow PHANTOM leaders Nazar Dmytruk of Ukraine, Radomir Pramatarov of Bulgaria, Herbert Geremek of Poland, András Molnár of Hungary, Serghei Enescu of Romania, Kryštof Povýšil of the Czech Republic, Emir Alihodzic of Bosnia, Željko Đurđević of Croatia, Grigorije Cucurević of Serbia and Desimir Petriè of Slovenia, Edgar first appears on a stage at an opera house auditorium in Russia full of PHANTOM officials (soldiers are not present).

He is the only robot on the stage and is also the one to start the meeting off by introducing Vojislav who is greeted with raucous amounts of cheering, applause and cheering of Strekalov's name. As Vojislav takes his place, Edgar stands aside to watch Strekalov declare war on the Vixen criminal organisation and make PHANTOM's aims for world domination more clear: To exploit dragons such as Quenth, Destroyer of Men and Sarmeyzmal to do it.

As Vojilsav declares "Hail PHANTOM", Edgar is the only one who does not salute despite his dedication to PHANTOM's cause (though he still does declare "Hail PHANTOM").