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Erika Sandberg is a character from the Cold War II series and a member of the Scandinavian Alliance.

She later returns with the rest of the Alliance in the series' spin off The Recruits.


She is a twenty four year old Swedish woman with fair skin, black flowing hair and blue eyes. Erika is typically shown to wear black leather trousers, a black T-Shirt, a brown leather trench-coat and brown boots sometimes with brown leather gloves.

Like her friend Grete Hassel, Erika's clothing is also used in the animal world as it is worn by the Romanian vixen Zoia and some female members of the Animalian Junta.


Unlike her supposed Norwegian friend Grete Hassel, Erika is shown to be far more calmer and cooler which is particularly shown when she and Grete coerce a captive Emma Irwin to take off her clothes, while Grete loses her patience and screams at Emma to strip when she refuses Erika is shown to be far more calmer.

She is also shown to be very close to Grete and the two are shown often to be together. However, because she has a minor role this is as much that is known about Erika.

The Cold War II series

Agent to Prisoner

Erika is first shown in a collection of other Swedish women who are being briefed about a mission that regards two applicants for the European Intelligence Network by her leader Brigitta Hagerstrom just as Norwegian women are being briefed by Aslaug Castberg and the Finnish women being briefed by Aila Kekkonen.

She finally appears in a physical form after Grete Hassel and Svante Naslund hijack the plane that Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons were on and bring it to Norway where she witnesses the capture of the pair and sees them split up. Benjamin is taken away with the other women while Emma is taken away with Erika and Grete to a secluded room.

In the room, Erika tells a fearful Emma to strip naked and let herself be restrained or things could get ugly. When Emma refuses, Grete screams at the girl to strip; Emma reacts in fear and strips naked and when she is naked, Erika and Grete leave her to the Danish collaborator hired by her main boss Anders Hammarberg.