Felicity Barbrige is a character from the Surgeon stories. She is a member of a group of students who are part of a resistance group fighting the Great Intelligence; and with them, Felicity returns in The Mammal Wars and alongside Boyana Strashilova and Alexandra Zhivkova from Defenders of Earth, knows about some of the Animals.

She is also notable as the one who names Seslinian's arch enemy to come, Jomnune when he first comes to Buckinghamshire. Unfortunately, Felicity does not appear much in The Mammal Wars because of the series' eventual focus on the Animals.


She is a 23 year old woman who is probably the most unique among the students and other female characters in general with a few exceptions: For one difference, most female characters have a traditionally slender build while Felicity appears to be more heavily built.

Furthermore, she appears to be a lot more filthy looking than Abigail Huntsman her leader particularly when it comes to her hair. Unlike Abigail's hair which is described as "fully blonde with no hints of imperfection." Felicity has dirty blonde hair with green eyes and fair skin; despite this, however she appears to be far more immaculately dressed than other girls who could have been like her:

Felicity's clothing consists of black running tights, black boots, a purple top, a black leather jacket and black leather gloves in her first appearance. When she returns in Return to Buckinghamshire, Felicity's attire changes to a long sleeved white T-Shirt, a black knee length skirt and standard coloured tights with black pumps.


Like many other female characters such as Helga Blankenburg that are both human and animalistic, Felicity appears to fit the trope of a strong willed female character owing to her appearance in a resistance group. While granted she appears to be far less immaculate in terms of her hair style than the likes of Clementine Galbraith or Abigail Huntsman there is still an immaculate manner about Felicity.

Unfortunately, the above description is all that is known about Felicity in the Surgeon stories because of her sole appearance in The Yeti Factor. In The Mammal Wars, Felicity is a psychic yet is distinguished from other psychics in the Vixens such as Jeni Lungu and Alexandra Zhivkova in the sense that she is far more sane than these two women; in addition, the only animal she truly names not by the sound they make, is Kaulos while the other psychics tend to have knowledge about the enemies of Firroth and even the allies of Firroth.


The Surgeon stories:

The Yeti Factor:

Felicity first appears in a group of five girls who launch an attack on Greyfriar's Kirkyard with a group of their own Yeti. She is first seen attacking the Robot Yeti with her group allowing the Surgeon and his now sole remaining companion Ghazal Rashidi to flee from the graveyard and is shown retreating from the graveyard after releasing the group's own Yeti into the kirkyard.

When the group retreat to Edinburgh Castle, she is the penultimate group member to be introduced to the Surgeon and Ghazal but before the latter can ask why they saved the pair from the Yeti, Abigail has the group move to a new location.

The location is the Kirk of the Canongate and on the way there, Felicity and the group witness Robot Yeti attacking civilians in the streets but when the group reach the Kirkyard she engages in an argument with Ghazal and Hester, the latter of whom actually backs her up. The argument ends when Felicity and Hester are threatened by Abigail that unless they improve their personality then she will hand them over to the Yetis.

In the Kirkyard, Felicity shows a sense of pleasure when Abigail shouts to a shadowy figure in the distance with this figure actually being her secondary leader Amelia Bedingfield. As the group heads down into the chapel, they enter a room full of more girls, women and men with men both dressed in military fatigue and tight clothing and leathers.

Amelia later joins Abigail's side and makes a very catty remark about Ghazal which the Surgeon is forced to stop, after this Amelia introduces her own girls to the Surgeon and Ghazal which Felicity watches and once it is over, she joins all the girls except her leaders to merge. After a merge, the girls are dismissed and left to mix with other fighters.

Only when Hester and Kierra return with Clarissa does Felicity appear again when she is rallied by her leaders to come together for a final assault on the Great Intelligence. During the students journey to the Camera Obscura, Felicity and Ghazal seem to let things go as they are shown marching together to the building.

In the building, the girls fight off several Yetis and eventually destroy the Great Intelligence by showering it with bullets and whatever the girls have their hands on; even when the Surgeon leaves them once he has recovered Ghazal.

The Mammal Wars:

Return to Buckinghamshire:

Felicity returns in The Mammal Wars with her fellow students where this time, she appears to be far more developed than she was in the Surgeon stories in spite of her small appearances owing to the series' eventual focus on the Animals. In the story, she goes from being a resistance fighter to being an ambitious criminal wanting to join the Vixens in the West who are also allies with the Eastern Vixens.

She is first shown with the rest of her allies in the events hall at Buckinghamshire New University where the girls live since the University was abandoned a month prior to the events of Return to Buckinghamshire and it is here where Abigail Huntsman is about to give a speech to her allies but the sound of cackling and roaring distracts them.

After the cackling stops, Abigail returns to form and Felicity listens attentively to what Abigail has to say which is her desire to integrate into the Vixens:

"Today in Britain, there's tonnes of gangs. It takes twelve members to make a gang but it makes even more to see it integrated into one of the finest gangs in the criminal world.
Which is why, I have decided on this day that Britain's Angels shall increase its numbers; we started with twelve but by a later period of time, perhaps within a week or a month, our numbers will equal that of the Romanian sisterhood!"
Granted, Felicity joins the raucous amounts of applause and cheers that follow but this is the only part of Abigail's speech she understands because she is now drawn to two shadowy figures outside, particularly the figure of a huge cat that is described like this:

"Like Blasteovark in Cumbria, it was a huge cat with the build of a tiger or a lion but unlike the tiger, it moved a lot more heavily.
It also moved less like a leopard or a jaguar and moved more like a wolf; in confidence instead of stealth."

She is also distracted by the sound of whooping hinting that the animal that killed the soldiers is coming closer and may attack the University. But the sound of fox barks put the Angels at ease and even though her speech is interrupted, Abigail does not care and takes the Angels outside to witness the return of Seslinian to his home county.

People of High Wycombe also see "Superfox" return and confront the source of the whooping which is revealed as a form of hyena based on its spine which slopes down its spine, but the type of hyena is never revealed. What Felicity does do to the animal however, is name it: She calls the animal that was making the whooping "Jomnune" based on the sounds it makes.

Once "Jomnune" whoops again, Felicity whoops with him and to the surprise of Amelia Bedingfield, is shocked that his whoops really do sound like he's saying "Jomnune". But the Hyena is not the only animal that Felicity names because she also names Vlaasarak who is actually allies with the fox as he goes to fight Jomnune alongside Seslinian. Once the fight goes to Sheephouse Wood, Abigail declares that the Angels will expand even with the threat of The Mammal Wars.

Outback Vixen:

Along with the rest of the Angels, Felicity is forced undercover by a combination of Jomnune and the British government who have activated Operation Temperer which has deployed 2,550 armed police officials on the streets all over the United Kingdom, forcing not only the Angels undercover but the organization which they wish to integrate themselves into: The British Vixens.

Despite this though, the Angels are still determined not to let this stop their expansion and during a speech made by her leader, she takes her place in front of Abigail with the rest of the Angels and cheers as Abigail makes the declaration of:

"I promised that the Angels would get an expansion, and Abigail has always kept her promises. Jomnune may have forced police onto the streets but he hasn't taken away our freedom and if we are to get into the Vixens then we have to be brave. This time, neither soldier nor hyena will prevent us from expanding! And that is not a promise but it is something that will happen!"
During the night, the Angels capture eleven teenage girls to be used as Angels and Felicity is leading a group to get one more; that girl is Charlotte Burton. However, Felicity's behavior results in a number of issues: Her team does not trust her and also, thanks to the presence of four animals in the form of Seslinian, a Siberian Tiger she names Kaulos, the figure of Jomnune and a Tasmanian Devil that was previously sighted in Leeds.

Just as she did to Kaulos and Jomnune, Felicity names the Devil Keeceleon, based on the giggles given off by Jomnune as he emerges to fight Kaulos. Once he is named, Felicity and her group head off upstairs to capture Charlotte and in doing so, they drag her out of her home and to the Buckinghamshire New University. As such, she is the last casualty of the Angels.

The Siege of Sheephouse Wood:

Following on from Outback Vixen, Felicity remains as part of the Angels where she is first seen in the Buckinghamshire New University gym in front of a projection of the face of Claribel Bloodworth, the now leader of the British Vixen branch, having previously served in the military in The Super Soldiers.

Now as part of the Angels, Claribel orders Clarissa to reveal her captive which Barbrige does when she unmasks the Angels' seventh prisoner Charlotte Burton.