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Grete Hassel is a character from the Cold War II series and a member of the Scandinavian Alliance. She is one of the kidnappers responsible for kidnapping Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons alongside Svante Naslund.

Alongside the rest of the Scandinavian Alliance, Grete returns in the series' spin off The Recruits.


She is a 20 year old Norwegian woman with fair skin, brown eyes and blonde hair which is tied in a ponytail in disguise as an air hostess in Agent to Prisoner. In this form, she wears a white blouse, a red, black and white striped scarf, a blue knee length skirt, jacket and hat, standard coloured tights and high heels.

When she and Svante Naslund hijack the plane and when she is in Scandinavia, Grete takes the hat off and wears black leather gloves. Grete's uniform is also worn prominently in the animal world as it is worn by many female guards at concentration camps created by the Animalian Junta in particular, Majlinka transit camp.

This uniform variant however does not feature hats. It is also worn by Maarja and her friend Mirjana. The uniform is also worn by a leader of the Animalian military students Katarina


Grete, like most of the Scandinavian women in their first appearance in Agent to Prisoner, has a minor role so her personality is not quite so developed. However, what is known is that she is a very cruel character especially when she is with Emma Irwin ordering her to take off her clothes for her ordeal alongside Erika Sandberg.

Like Marjatta Lentonen with Benjamin Simmons, she is shown to have a short temper unlike the more composed Sandberg as demonstrated when she and Sandberg coerce Emma. When Hassel gets impatient, she screams at Emma to take off her clothes and when she does, the prisoner strips herself naked and lets herself be restrained.

The Cold War II series

Agent to Prisoner:

Hassel at first is shown in a briefing with other Norwegian women being briefed about a mission by the leader of the Norwegian women Aslaug Castberg just as the Swedish women are being briefed by the Swedish women Brigitta Hagerstrom and the Finnish women being briefed by Aila Kekkonen.

She is mentioned by one of Joonas Koskelo's men Santeri Numminen. Then finally, Grete appears physically as a hijacker and the partner of kidnapper Svante Naslund informing him about Emma and Benjamin's location.

In the air, Grete and Svante take their places and hijack the plane before kidnapping Benjamin and Emma taking them to Scandinavia. Once they get to their destination, Grete remains with Emma Irwin alongside Swedish Erika Sandberg. Sandberg orders Emma to take off her clothes and let herself be restrained but she refuses causing Hassel to scream at Irwin to strip and finally she complies.

When Emma takes off her clothes, Hassel and Sandberg leave her to the Danish collaborator that the Swedish faction leader Anders Hammarberg has recruited to help them. She is further described as being quite satisfied after watching videos of Emma and Benjamin's fates in captivity.