Holger Stromberg is a character from the Cold War II series and a member of the Scandinavian Alliance. He also returns in the series spin off The Recruits.


He is often considered to be the oldest if not one of the oldest members of the Scandinavian Alliance and one of the oldest antagonists that ever exists on this wiki and the original untermation wiki.

Stromberg is a fifty year old Swedish man with fair skin, blue eyes and white hair in contrast to many Alliance members who have brown, black or blonde hair. He typically wears black trousers, a white shirt, a blue tie and a black jacket with black office shoes.

The Cold War II series

Agent to Prisoner

Stromberg plays a very minor role in the story Agent to Prisoner so he is not quite so developed as the other Scandinavian characters in the story. Heis first seen among a briefing along with other officials of the Scandinavian Alliance and when it is over, he is one of the three men to be sent to England to assist Joonas Koskelo in an operation to kidnap Emma Irwin and her boyfriend Benjamin Simmons. Holger later appears in a meeting with the other men that Elomaa sent to help Koskelo on his mission.

After Koskelo's men tell him about their side, Stromberg asks Joonas about his side which is equally successful and learns the plan: Tomorrow, Emma Irwin and her boyfriend will leave Cambridge by taxi to Cambridge International Airport to fly to Berlin but they will also be pursued by Svante Naslund and his partner Grete Hassel, the latter of whom was hired by Santeri Numminen. In the air, the pair will hijack the plane, kidnap the applicants and take them to Scandinavia. After the plan is revealed, Stromberg is not seen again.