Joonas Koskelo is a character from the Cold War II series and a member of the Scandinavian Alliance. He also returns as an antagonist in the series' spin off The Recruits.


Joonas is a thirty three year old Finnish man with fair skin, dark hair and brown eyes. He typically wears a white shirt, light blue trousers, a light blue tie and a light blue blazer with black dress shoes.


Although Joonas is a minor character in his first appearance Agent to Prisoner, he is perhaps one of the most developed members of the Alliance in his very first appearance.

For one, he appears to react with both delight and shock when his boss Hannu Elomaa tells him that he is going to be a major player in the kidnapping of two applicants for the European Intelligence Network: Benjamin Simmons and his girlfriend Emma Irwin. He reacts with shock because he does not expect to be a leader and is delighted because he now gets the chance to participate.

Elomaa further delights him by giving him four members of the Alliance from Sweden and Finland. Unlike Sverre Aarrestad, Koskelo is a fairly patient man because when he is told that he is to wait for Emma Irwin to finish a lesson, he decides to wait and in the process of doing so activates a recorder so he can record the whole meeting.

When he has finished with Emma and Benjamin, a much crueler side is shown to Koskelo as he believes that no matter what, Emma and Benjamin will come to Scandinavia no matter what. His confidence is further increased when one of his men tells him about the demonstration that was only seen by Aarrestad and Gustav Hallstrom.

The Cold War II series

Agent to Prisoner:

Joonas first appears being briefed about a Scandinavian Alliance operation to reduce the ranks of the European Intelligence Network, this operation is to kidnap two applicants for the E.I.N, take them to Scandinavia and hold them to ransom. These applicants in question being Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons.

His boss Hannu Elomaa tells him however that he is not carrying out the whole operation because there are others who have done their part notably Sverre Aarrestad, Gustav Hallstrom and Anders Hammarberg who has hired a Danish collaborator named Henrik Olsen while Hallstrom has demonstrated an escape pod to Sverre and the latter has brought it up in meetings.

Elomaa further explains that he has given him four men to help him: Two Swedish men Holger Stromberg and presumably Osvald Stenbeck and two Finnish men Santeri Numminen and an un-named Finnish driver and sends him to Cambridge. In Cambridge, Koskelo is told that he will have to wait for Emma to finish her lesson which he does, albeit begrudingly.

This time however enables him to activate a recorder so when he goes into a meeting with Emma, he can record the meeting. In this meeting, Emma tells him everything: At one o'clock, she and Benjamin are to leave their lesson and get the taxi to Cambridge International Airport which will take them to Berlin and the headquarters of the European Intelligence Network.

She also gives him the final details which she photocopies and when he leaves, Koskelo remarks that they have been successfully been persuaded to come to Scandinavia and they will come whether they like it or not. That night, Koskelo and his men reunite where they tell him of their progress: The kidnap will be able to go off without a hitch because the pod has been designed not to be noticed by the authorities.

In addition, Koskelo learns that a Swedish man Svante Naslund will take part in the kidnapping with the assistance of Grete Hassel. After the meeting ends, he is not seen again.