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The suit worn by Kalina.

Kalina Borisova Toncheva is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Bulgarian criminal who is a member of the Bulgarian Vixens which is also the Bulgarian branch of the Eastern Vixens.


She is a twenty nine year old Bulgarian woman with fair skin, jet black hair tied in a plait and cold grey eyes which are described as being even colder than the eyes of her boss Stanislava Blagoeva.

Kalina usually wears a black leather catsuit with black boots and integrated gloves; the suit is also presumed to have integrated feet.


Like her boss Stanislava Blagoeva, there is an air of arrogance around Kalina though this is more to do with her stealing a huge amount of fine jewelry that is the equivalent to 750,000 Bulgarian levs if not £750,000 if the Vixens were actually based in England rather than Bulgaria.

Kalina is also shown to share the same sense of dedication and loyalty for the Vixens as her associates do but during her first appearance, very little is known about Kalina in contrast to other Vixens such as Stanislava Blagoeva, Tsvetanka Zhelyaskova and particularly Borislava Ilseva.

Defenders of Earth

Stranger of the Past:

Alongside the other Vixens, Kalina first appears at the Falcon Sanctum awaiting the arrival of their leader Stanislava Blagoeva who actually appears last. The instant she arrives, the Vixens including Kalina rise from their seats and place their hands on their hearts as a sign of respect; however, their leader is in no mood for respect and decides to get down to business right away.

It is also because of Stanislava that Kalina becomes the first Vixen who Stanislava decides to observe and Toncheva obeys; She goes into her backpack and brings out several pieces of jewelry ranging from gold to silver and consisting of everything from rings and necklaces to watches and bracelets; all the while boasting that the jewels are worth nearly 750,000 Bulgarian levs.

Along with other Vixens, Kalina watches more loot pile up in the center of the table that the Vixens are seated at; the result of the loot is finally revealed to be enough to put thirty six businesses into a state of bankruptcy. Once one of the Vixens tells a story about a large hoard of gold located in the Bulgarian mountains and guarded by a dragon known as Firroth, Kalina is one of many Vixens to put themselves forward to steal from him.

However, once Stanislava chooses one of Grozdana's co-conspirators Miroslava Blagoeva to steal from the dragon Kalina accepts without a grudge and joins the Vixens in their journey to the mountains.

King of the East:

Kalina is first shown at the Falcon Sanctum with the other Vixens who are complaining about being forced undercover however, hopes come up when Stanislava phones another Vixen leader Yevgenia Agrafena who tells Stanislava to tell the other Vixens to go into the dining room where all will be revealed.

Like the other Vixens, Toncheva is shown sitting in the same chair that she sat in three months ago when the Vixens stole thousands of money, gold and jewels where she listens to Yevgenia and when she asks Stanislava to choose her own group, Bogomila is one of those Vixens chosen by Stanislava alongside Alexandra Zhivkova, Borislava Ilseva, Grozdana Ruseva, Bogomila Gavrilova, Miroslava Blagoeva, Tsvetanka Zhelyaskova, Kalina Toncheva, Bilyana Zhelyaskova and Stanimira Zhelyaskova.

Once the briefing has finished, Kalina is dismissed with the other Vixens to change and get ready to leave Bulgaria either directly or once they have collected the weapons left behind by the Army. Within an hour, Kalina joins the Vixens who have changed their clothes, packed their bags and now heading to leave Bulgaria with the group that she is part of leaving Bulgaria from Sofia International Airport.

Kalina's group's destination is revealed as Russia and it is also the destination of other Slavic women serving under the Eastern Vixens; here, the Bulgarians are reunited and are among the numerous others cheering for the declaration of war against PHANTOM.