Ranger is a character from The Animals of Farthing Wood books and TV series. He is the son of Scarface and Lady Blue and the brother of Bounder (in the TV series.) In the books however, Bounder is his cousin.

In literature however, Ranger is of no relation to any of these characters but his relationship with Charmer does not change and they are still mates.


He is shown to be much like his father and has the exact shade of fur as Scarface does. Unlike his father however, Ranger has a number of differences: The first obvious sign is that Ranger can see out of both eyes unlike his father who can only see out of his left eye. His cheek patches have an inward notch marking unlike Scarface's whose cheek patches have an outward notch; his cheek patches, his eye patches and his underbelly are all the same color as they are light grey.

On Ranger's head is a large black "blaze" marking which he also shares with his brother Bounder in the TV series that extends to the back of his neck. Perhaps the most unique thing about Ranger among the blue foxes is his fully black ears which he also shares with Plucky in Series 3 of The Animals of Farthing Wood. Like Friendly and Vixen, Ranger's underbelly ends in a round curve and extends to the underside of his tail.


In human literature, he becomes an ally of the Eleventh Surgeon in the story Battle of the Foxes, the finale of the Eleventh Surgeon's first series, and alongside Bounder is one of four animated characters who are trans wiki articles as he also appears on the original untermation wiki. (King Ghidorah, the Daleks and the Cybermen are also trans wiki articles but they are live action characters.)

Battle of the Foxes:

Unlike Bounder who is the titular antagonist of Bounder and the Time Lord but never named in the story (although he is named in this story), Ranger is a named character in this story for exactly the same reason that Scarface calls him in The Animals of Farthing Wood:

"He's always ranging."
Reasons behind Ranger's name in this story however are different because he is described as looking more like a park ranger in the form of an animal. In the story, he is first shown watching over the park before being captured by Jenna Lillywhite in the same way she caught Bounder and is taken to the laboratory that Bounder was altered at even under the reluctance of Forbflaith Hennessy.

In the laboratory, Ranger is taken to the same operating theater that Bounder and the other Blue Foxes were altered in only this time, his transformation is shown to be a lot darker as shown here:

""I hope for your sake this works, Jenna." The Surgeon told Jenna. And here went everything; the Surgeon activated the control panel and exactly the same thing that happened to Bounder, happened to Ranger only this time it appeared to be more horrific. Not by much however because at least it didn't rupture his blood vessels but it was like something out of Frankenstein:

Blue volts of electricity shot out at the fox and as they stabbed out at him, the fox screamed in pain as electricity shot through his body, illuminating the whole laboratory and possibly giving away a light signal to Bounder who saw outside the window...and as an added bonus for the fox, this was happening during the evening.

If the Surgeon had been traveling with someone else who was so hideously weak and cowardly then he may have scared of that companion; instead, his companion Amanda and his enemies Jenna, Forbflaith and Katja just looked there spellbound while the Surgeon's face was one of pure determination.

Eventually, Ranger stopped screaming, his face turned fierce and he eventually grew to the size of a coyote just like Bounder. Amanda was watching the fox with fear but she was also watching the Surgeon with the same amount of fear because it was if he had gone insane thanks to the fact he had a teeth bared grin like a Cheshire cat."
After his alteration, Ranger repeats the same actions that Bounder performed after he was altered including scanning around the room before leaving the laboratory ready to do battle with his foe...who is completely oblivious to his presence. Why? Because Ranger is invisible and his presence is only indicated by paw prints heading in Widbrook Wood; the Battle of the Foxes begins when a beam of energy attacks Bounder and who is the source of this energy blast? Ranger.

Godzilla vs Ghost Godzilla 3

Godzilla vs Ghost Godzilla 3

A visual representation of the fight between Ranger and Bounder. This fight would also be used for the fight between Sonva and Sarmeyzmal in the latter's return (fight depicted in Battle of the Foxes starts at 1:41, takes a break at 2:35 and resumes at 2:58 and ends at 3:12)

The fox lets out a great scream and bark as Bounder approaches to kill him. In any normal circumstance, this would be the case but the fox's alteration allows him A) to become more cunning and B) advanced reflexes. As such, Ranger stands his ground and blasts Bounder with an energy blast from his mouth but the fox isn't really affected and retaliates by blasting Ranger with another energy blast which seemingly kills him in one of the shortest fights ever seen or made by the wiki founder.

However, Ranger comes back and attacks Bounder again before killing him with a bite to the throat. The fox finishes his opponent off finally with a beam attack.