Strategy of a Surgeon
The Weeping Angels, the Surgeon's new foes alongside The Rani
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date 2016
Written by The wiki founder
Directed by N/A
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Strategy of a Surgeon is a story written by the wiki founder. It is the first story of the revived series of the Surgeon stories and sees the return of a new incarnation of the Surgeon.

The story also is the beginning of a trilogy in the new series titled "The Rani trilogy" which sees The Rani as a recurring antagonist.


Following his latest regeneration, the Surgeon crash lands in the Sahara Desert. As he recovers, he uncovers a plan to take over the world involving a huge amount of statues.

But the statues are Weeping Angels and if the Surgeon is to save the world and indeed Egypt then he must defeat the plotters: Politician Asma Benyamina and sorcerer Azhar Namin.


After the events of The Final Showdown, a newly regenerated Surgeon struggles to control his time machine, the SIDRAT, as it hurtles towards Earth. While he manages to divert the machine to a desolate area, the SIDRAT explodes knocking him out.

Fortunately, the SIDRAT manages to land albeit with a severely bumpy landing in the middle of the Sahara Desert. The SIDRAT is now out of action and the newly regenerated Surgeon is left with dreadful injuries and seemingly suffering from sunstroke; but what he doesn't know is that two Egyptian explorers have found the SIDRAT and decide to bring him to Egypt and hospitalize him in the Demerdash hospital.

Inside Egypt meanwhile is a debate between Asma Benyamina and the Egyptian parliament debating on whether to send the Egyptian Army into Iraq and/or Syria to combat Islamic State which fails as Asma storms out in a huff. Outside however, she is confronted by several statues who touch her causing her to vanish as she screams.

As the Surgeon recovers from his regeneration, he gains the attention of a nurse called Ghazal Rashidi who is later castigated by her superior for wasting his time. He later continues to meet with Ghazal again after which she learns he is a Time Lord and he learns she is originally form Iran, Ghazal promises that she will visit the Surgeon again sometime and she will have more than likely a friend with her.

But when that day comes, the Surgeon is nowhere to be seen resulting in Ghazal's superior telling her that if she is to stay at the hospital then she is to find the Surgeon and he is to be brought back. After a long time of searching, Ghazal and her friend Majid Bashar eventually find the Surgeon at a bazaar only for him to hurry them away when he discovers the Weeping Angels are here.

He later shows a video of The Doctor describing the angels which later results in an Angel touching Ghazal and being replaced by politician Asma Benyamina. The Surgeon takes Majid to the same bazaar where Asma described to him and finds Ghazal in a cage, while Majid tends to her the Surgeon confronts the sorcerer Azhar Namin and beats him after he provokes him.

He beats the sorcerer so viciously that it causes him to regenerate into The Master and with his cover blown, the Master further tortures Ghazal by locking her in a hot box with three Weeping Angels all of which are smashed to smithereens by Majid despite the Surgeon's warnings.

Whilst The Master and Asma escape the Surgeon and his companions give chase and eventually stop Asma's broadcast to Egypt and give chase again. In the process, the fight returns to Demerdash hospital where a vicious fight takes place which results in Asma getting kicked unconscious after the start of the fight between The Master and the Surgeon and the Master's death after the Surgeon throws him out of the Demerdash hospital window.

Ghazal and Majid later meet the Surgeon again after Ghazal's superior fires her and bars Majid from the hospital. Here they find the Surgeon changing into his current wardrobe before finally inviting the two Arabs to travel with him to which they accept.

Original draft

While the story, it's plot and its title were the same as the final version, there were a few drafts as to what the protagonist of the story should have been called. Since the protagonist of Doctor Who, which is the Doctor is named after a medical profession it was decided that the story's protagonist should also be called a medical profession.

Originally, the Surgeon was going to be called a few different names except "Surgeon" but his alternative names are sketchy. In addition, the sorcerer Azhar Namin was not even going to be called Azhar Namin; he was originally going to be called Azhar Ibrahim but was changed to Namin because Ibrahim sounded like an inferior surname.