The Mammal Wars
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The Mammal Wars is a monster series written by the wiki founder. It is the spin off series to the monster series Defenders of Earth and because of this, many of its animal characters show similarities to the animal characters from the original series.

Alongside Defenders of Earth, The Mammal Wars is the second piece of literature to be a trans wiki article because it also appears on the original untermation wiki.


Original titled "Mammal Wars", the series was conceived as a spin off to Defenders of Earth which would also make it the second spin off series written by the wiki founder alongside The Recruits. It sees the use of mammal characters that would originally have been used in Defenders of Earth as enemies of Firroth to counter the more reptilian foes of the dragon such as the Hydras and other dragons.

However, the idea of seeing dragons attack mammals seemed like animal cruelty so the wiki founder decided to keep the animals but make a spin off series and keep Firroth fighting reptiles.

Story line

Along with Defenders of Earth, The Mammal Wars is set in the 51st Century, though while Defenders is set in the East, this series is set in the West in the United Kingdom and the titular wars begin in surprisingly modest circumstances:

Scientists Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska are put on trial in a Salisbury courtroom for illegal animal experimentation (though Katja is tried as an accomplice) and sentenced to life imprisonment. Unlike a remorseful Katja who remains behind bars, Forbflaith escapes and flees to Buckinghamshire, having been moved to the Blackstorm Institute in Oxfordshire from HMP Bronzefield in Surrey.

In neighbouring Buckinghamshire, Forbflaith resumes her experiments with a red fox known as Seslinian who she injects with the rabies virus after using him for genetic engineering. The fox is then unleashed onto the village of Charndon but is ended by the Armed Forces who take his creator into custody for trying to kill a soldier; but Seslinian is still alive and in turn becomes England's defender from threats such as Kouleton, Blasteovark and his eventual sworn enemy Jomnune.

As well as the threats faced by Seslinian, the United Kingdom finds itself dragged into the PHANTOM-Vixen conflict when the Vixens form a Western branch in the United Kingdom and a criminal organization known as "Britain's Angels" join it; it is further revealed the Vixens also have allies in the Tigresses of South Asia and the Jackals of Arabia. As part of their attempt to establish a branch in the United Kingdom, PHANTOM try to invade the United Kingdom and in doing so, takes Seslinian's creator and the Women of the Night prisoner and also unleash all of Seslinian's foes loose on England.

The invasion however, proves futile and as PHANTOM is driven away, the titular Mammal Wars begin as a war of nerves which comes to end with Blasteovark being driven away from England and Jomnune's demise.

Similarities to other stories

Thanks to the series being a spin off to Defenders of Earth, many of the animal characters show various similarities to the heroes and villains of the series. For example, Seslinian shares many similarities to Firroth while Jomnune shares many similarities to Firroth's sworn enemy Inhusrelun.

The only difference in this aspect is that the role of the primary antagonist of Defenders actually goes to Nelarth, Lord of the Black who is defeated long before Firroth has three final foes to defeat: Invincible which actually manages to function without PHANTOM because its men have been killed by Quenth while its women have been integrated into the Eastern Vixens, Zulodam the cyborg dragon and Inhusrelun.

Another difference between The Mammal Wars and Defenders of Earth is the amount of violence; While granted both are as violent as each other, the Defenders finale The Ultimate Battle has more grisly depictions of death such as the deaths of Nelarth, Lord of the Black and Eternula. The Mammal Wars on the other hand has far less deaths and far less bloody depictions with the most notable example being the death of Jomnune at the end of Survival. As well as this, Jomnune's death brings an instant end to the titular Mammal Wars while the fighting in Defenders continues even with Nelarth's death.

While it does not crossover with the Surgeon stories at all, The Mammal Wars does reuse some characters from the series, in particular, the series brings back the scientists Forbflaith Hennessy and her accomplice Katja Naganowska who are human antagonists of Bounder and the Time Lord but reform in Battle of the Foxes and are arrested at the end of the story.

The series also brings back two groups from The Yeti Factor: The first organization it brings back is the Women of the Night which is a resistance group fighting the Great Intelligence but is reformed as a criminal organization and it also brings back the students and reforms them as being a gang and as well as that, the series brings back Claribel Bloodworth and turns her into the leader of the British Vixens.

The series also bares a similarity to animal literature because the location of Buckinghamshire which is where Forbflaith moves to after being released from Bronzefield is also used in the story Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame as the location of Fox-Baiting and it is where Fox-baiters take Vixen, her daughter Dreamer and her rival Lady Blue. Oxfordshire which is also the location of Forbflaith's new prison, the Blackstorm Institue, is also used as the original home of Lady Blue, Vixen and the Farthing Wood animals in Journey of the Vixen.

Animals in the series

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Stories in the series

Part 1:

Title Antagonist Synopsis
Seslinian the Invincible Seslinian Irish scientist and criminal Forbflaith Hennessy escapes from prison and flees to Buckinghamshire with intentions to continue her experiments. To do it, she enlists the help of the Women of the Night and creates another experiment which wreaks havoc on Buckinghamshire.
Wolves Attack Kouleton No sooner does Buckinghamshire survive the wrath of Seslinian does it come under fire from a new threat: Kouleton the wolf. But once Kouleton is defeated, Seslinian is transported to a new location.
The King of the Fells Blasteovark After defeating Kouleton, Seslinian is mysteriously transported out of Buckinghamshire far up north to the Lake District, where he comes across the sinister Bengal Tiger declaring itself "The King of the Fells", Blasteovark.
Return to Buckinghamshire Jomnune Seslinian is returned to Buckinghamshire and back home, no sooner does he meet one big cat does he meet another: Vlaasarak, the lion who is actually friends with him. But also in England is another wild animal: The Spotted Hyena and soon to be Seslinian's arch nemesis Jomnune.
Outback Vixen Keeceleon
The presence of a Tasmanian Devil in the form of Keeceleon in England can only mean one thing for Seslinian: Jomnune is back and this time, the fox does not get the lion as an ally but instead gains a new ally in the form of another big cat: Kaulos, the Siberian Tiger.

Once he defeats Jomnune, Seslinian also gets another prize: A mate in the form of Mallauxula, the vixen who was taken prisoner by Jomnune.

The Siege of Sheephouse Wood Flamiglaux (originally thought to be Kouleton) A sudden increase of animals entering Sheephouse Wood can only mean one thing: Kouleton is back...or is he? Further examination of an animal causing the mass migration to Sheephouse Wood causes Seslinian and his new mate Mallauxula to investigate.

Their discovery: "Kouleton" is actually a new enemy: A coyote known as Flamiglaux. This story is also the only time when the coyote is depicted as an antagonist.

Seslinian vs Zebiccoon Zebiccoon A hostile Gyaos like bat attacks the City of London before heading to confront Seslinian at Sheephouse Wood. This is the only time when Zebiccoon is depicted as a villain and is the only story to feature "Seslinian vs...." as the title.

From this story onwards, the animals now begin to talk telepathically for good.

Part 2:

Title Antagonist Synopsis

The Lizard King

Zautsuar In one of four stories that does not feature Seslinian, the Reptile Wars fought in the East seem to carry to the West. The battle in question does not take place in Buckinghamshire but instead takes place two counties away in Hampshire.

The combatants: A Komodo Dragon who will evolve into one of Seslinian's reptile allies Bastamander and his nemesis Zautsuar for the title of "The Lizard King". Of the stories in Part 2, this is the only one that does not feature the animals talking telepathically.

Hyenas and Tigers Jomnune
Just when England couldn't have one hyena come into England do two come along at once: Jomnune and a striped hyena known as Clulphion, the striped hyena who warns Seslinian that him and his mate have a lot on their plate when Jomnune pairs up with another old foe: Blasteovark.

But this time, there is a fair fight when Clulphion is also a rival of Jomnune.

Girls of England Streavooksea and the Amazon Clan. Even with Jomnune's defeat in the previous story, the hyenas just keep coming back. This time, Seslinian's new enemy is a female hyena in the form of Streavooksea and her "Amazon clan". This story sees the return of Vlaasarak and the introduction of his mate, Plorsena.

Its title was based on Girls of Our Destiny which would have shown the introduction of Julmunvu, Saphira and Niinqeth but it was scrapped.

Call of the Cats Veodiphin Reports of British big cats begin circulating the British media, only this time the myths of big cats are true as Seslinian and Mallauxula when they find three big cat leaders: Their old foe Veodiphin and two more cat allies Blykrinin and his lieutenant Vlouksarak.

But the foxes also gain both allies and enemies in the form of the Flaming Battalion led by Blykrinin and the Supreme Battalion led by Veodiphin.

Anafsilea's trilogy/Eye of the Tiger:

Title Antagonist Synopsis
The Chase is On Veodiphin A Siberian Tigress known as Anafsilea held prisoner by Veodiphin and the Supreme Battalion sets off for a world of danger to England in an attempt to reunite with her mate Kaulos. There's just one thing standing in her way: Her captors. The chase is on and aiding her every step of the way; two unusual allies: Feenerpillar, another wolf and Cauxecta, a brown bear.
Haunted By Hyenas Streavooksea
Jomnune (only in a nightmare)
Now in Africa, an exhausted Anafsilea comes across a new threat: Hyenas. Spotted Hyenas led by Streavooksea. Helping the tigress to Britain now is Jomnune's Hyena rival Clulphion and his own clan with assistance courtesy of the coyote Mikybara.
Danger's Glory Blasteovark The Siberian Tigress and her allies finally make it into England, but there's just one more obstacle standing in their way: Blasteovark. Ultimately, it is led to the tigers to fight each other when the tigress's other allies flee.

Feature story:

Title Antagonist Synopsis
The PHANTOM Invasion All After a failed invasion attempt depicted through Part 2 of the series, PHANTOM tries another invasion attempt. This time, Seslinian fights old and new enemies such as Jomnune, Blasteovark, Kouleton and Veodiphin but also gains new allies with the introduction of Anafsilea, Fennerpillar, Cauxecta and Grakupine.

This story also features every animal in the series much in the same way that The Ultimate Battle features every ally and enemy of Firroth and is the last depiction of humans in the series.

Part 3: