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The second untermation wiki is a successor to the original Untermation wiki and both wikis are known by that name because of a combination of a good name and because the original untermation wiki was meant to feature the wiki founder's Downfall parodies, an aim that ultimately never came to fruition. While the original untermation wiki was a database focusing on animal characters, the second untermation wiki focuses on human characters made by the wiki founder.

It also goes on to feature a standalone series known as the Surgeon stories and multiple series that are connected in a single chronology known as the Multiverse timeline; these stories include: The Great Irish Heist, the Cold War II series, The Recruits, The Second Cold War: Agents of Tomorrow, Defenders of Earth, The Mammal Wars, the World War X series and King of the Dinosaurs. An additional reason why the wiki founder decided to put several characters on this wiki was because the wiki founder felt it was better to make a single wiki and include thousands of characters from multiple series rather than make around a hundred wikis.

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