The Women of the Night is an organization made by the wiki founder that features in the Surgeon stories in the story The Yeti Factor as a resistance group fighting the Great Intelligence and later returns in The Mammal Wars as a criminal group.


Surgeon stories:

In the Surgeon stories, the Women of the Night is a resistance group among many other groups that is part of a resistance movement fighting the Great Intelligence in the year 2257. As its name suggests, the group's main members are entirely composed of women alongside the Students also from The Yeti Factor and also the Romanian sisterhood from Thunderbolt.

The Mammal Wars:

The Women of the Night return in The Mammal Wars alongside the Irish criminal and scientist Forbflaith Hennessy where they are now based at the Chenies Manor House in Buckinghamshire unlike in The Yeti Factor where they are based at the Kirk of the Canongate. Like many other female criminal groups such as the Eastern Vixens, they are recognized by leather clothing.

The organization is called in to help Forbflaith continue with her experiments in altering animals and ultimately, the Women of the Night help Forbflaith create the kaiju known in Britain as Seslinian. After Forbflaith is arrested, the Women are forced to relocate to Southampton in Hampshire where they undergo a different fate to their former ally.

Unlike the Angels who come to join the British Vixens, the Women of the Night are eventually captured by PHANTOM in their new home, taken to Russia and forcibly integrated into the organization. Following their forced integration, the Women are made to integrate even more when they're brainwashed to serve PHANTOM and unlike before, they only work with Karen and not Forbflaith who works alone.

After the fall of PHANTOM, the Women and Forbflaith both share the same fate: During the war, PHANTOM's men are killed by Quenth, the Vixens take all of their women and brainwash them to serve the Vixens until their dissolution.


Name Age
Karen Armstrong 34
Abigail Basford 27
Alice Beresford 29
Amanda Bloomer 26
Annabel Black 22
Belinda Aylesworth 31
Charis Bayfield 26
Charisse Bonniwell 29
Charlotte Benedict 32
Chloe Brimson 30
Clarissa Burnham 26
Cordelia Brightwell 33
Cristalyn Brewster 34
Denise Axford 32
Destiny Bayfield 27
Eleanor Bywater 32
Elizabeth Chalmers 28
Milicent Carrington 31
Felicity Colegrove 25
Gemma Dashwood 23
Hannah Crutcher 26
Harriet Darwin 28
Hester Devall 20
Jane Eagleman 28
Jenna Entwistle 25
Jessica Eagle 29
Kierra Fairchild 30
Lara Falconer 29
Lucy Farnworth 22
Laura Culver 22
Marissa Firestone 26
Melanie Fletcher 30
Melissa Florence 25
Moira Frobisher 29
Nicola Wright 33
Roxanne Goldsmith 22
Elektra Hammerton 20
Samantha Gathercole 30
Sabrina Greenwood 27
Sophie Heathcoat-Amory 25
Thomasina Higham 30
Valerie Huntsman 26
Vanessa Hustler 30
Yasmin Kingston 25
Christina Linwood 26
Katie Wainwright 26

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